‘A lot more scrutiny’ – Harry Maguire opens up on difference between England and Manchester United

Harry Maguire has been sensational for England at the World Cup. This comes as a surprise as the Manchester United club captain has failed to play regularly for his club this season. His season has been marred by injuries, rumours and unimpressive performances. He has now opened up on his shaky season.

Maguire on Shaky Season:

 Maguire has said of raising his game for England: “I don’t think there’s different pressure. The pressure of playing in a World Cup with England at this stage is the biggest tournament in the world. At Man United I’m under a lot more scrutiny. Everything I do gets analysed. Every pass I make gets analysed. Every goal we concede is a defender’s fault. And if you’re playing week in, week out as I did for three years, the last year hasn’t been good enough. Everyone in the team didn’t play well enough and we came under lot of scrutiny as players. No one came out of the season with plaudits.”

Maguire added, when pointing out that he is far from being the only player to have allowed standards to slip: “The last year has been difficult and I haven’t played as well as I’ve done in the previous five years at the top level but I think during a career there’s only probably Lionel Messi and Cristiano [Ronaldo] who’ve not had a dip in their careers.”

Maguire will be playing one of the toughest games of his life against France on Saturday in the World Cup Quarter Finals 2022.

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