Ancelotti speaks about January transfer plans, Courtois criticism and provides injury updates

Carlo Ancelotti spoke in the press room at Real Madrid City the day before the clash against Girona, which will play at the Santiago Bernabéu.


Ancelotti clear on Madrid’s transfer strategy for the summer transfer window

Real Madrid has struggled with fitness up front this season, frequently starting games without players like Karim Benzema.

Marca questioned manager Carlo Ancelotti about if Real Madrid would contemplate shopping for a replacement in January before their match with Girona.

“We are not interested in the winter market.”

“This is the squad we will have until the end of the season. It will not change.”

Ancelotti respond to Courtois criticism after Leipzig loss

Thibaut Courtois was very irritated after the game. He declared it “unacceptable” and accused his side of being asleep before the match began.

Carlo Ancelotti was asked what he thought of that “ferocious criticism” during his pre-game press conference.

“What Thibaut stated didn’t strike me as a harsh criticism, in my opinion. He advised us to be more determined and forceful. It was reasonable and not harsh criticism.”

“We must always start with a clear focus. It would help if you prepared for it as though it’s your final game without an advantage.” 

“It would help if you qualified as though it were the season’s last game to succeed. Playing every three days during this part of the season can be harder to recover physically and maintain a high drive level.”


Ancelotti provides injury updates

The team’s sensations ahead of the next game: “We are fired up for tomorrow’s match. We aim to perform well and win the game.”

On players returning from injuries: “Modrić, Valverde, Ceballos and Mariano are back tomorrow.”

On Karim Benzema: “Karim Benzema will not play tomorrow. Karim Benzema worked out yesterday, but he wasn’t feeling great afterward. Although he is not hurt, he has not fully healed.” 

“He had testing yesterday and is healthy physically. We won’t take a chance on him. We regard it.”

On Miguel Gutierrez: “Because Mendy and Marcelo were injured last season, he participated in a few games. He did well. We’re assessing him now for the future. If he succeeds, he’ll come back.”

Whether Rodrygo would be involved in the game: “Rodrygo will play tomorrow.”

On Eduardo Camavinga: “We’re thrilled to have Camavinga as part of our future. He is relatively young. In Europe, there aren’t many young people with his qualities.”

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