‘Becks will come with a consortium’ – Rio Ferdinand believes David Beckham will bid for Manchester Untied!

David Beckham is reportedly interested in bidding for Manchester United. The Glazer Family released a statement saying they are open to new investors, and close friend and former teammate Rio Ferdinand believes he will come with a consortium.

Beckham’s Bid:

Beckham already part-owns MLS club Inter Miami and is seen to attract the biggest names to that club. He is now planning on adding another big club to his list, with the Red Devils up for sale.

Ex-United defender Ferdinand has told his Vibe with Five YouTube channel of insider knowledge that he has been able to obtain: “Becks will come with a consortium. I saw Becks last night at the game, I went to the England game and we were sat next to each other. He smelt beautiful, looked beautiful. He looked a million dollars, as he normally does. He didn’t look 10 billion dollars’ worth!”

“But when you mention someone like Becks’ name, he’s obviously a part-owner of Inter Miami, but he doesn’t come [alone]. It’s not his money. It’s not him in terms of putting his hand in his pocket. He comes with a consortium.”

“He comes with people who do have deep pockets who have the ability to go and execute on a deal like that. So that’s the way he’ll be approaching it, and rightly so. I just think it’s going to come down to a number. If you’ve got the number, and you can produce, that’s what it’s going to be about.”

It has been suggested that the Glazers will ask for between £6-8 billion ($7-10bn) in any discussions regarding a change of ownership at United, with the Americans having faced criticism throughout their tenure. Any takeover will likely take a while, although former player Gary Neville tipped United to beat Liverpool in securing new owners.

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