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HomeNewsErik Ten Hag speaks about supporting Ronaldo, injury updates, and Europa League

Erik Ten Hag speaks about supporting Ronaldo, injury updates, and Europa League

Erik ten Hag has spoken to the media ahead of Manchester United’s Europa League game at home to Omonia.


Ten Hag: We need to avoid finishing second in Europa League Group stage

Ahead of Thursday’s match against Omonia Nicosia, Erik ten Hag thinks Manchester United must “avoid” finishing second in their Europa League group.

The group winners advance through to the round of 16, while the runners-up will face one of the eight teams that failed to qualify for the Champions League in the round of 32. Ten Hag feels his team must avoid playing two extra games during this hectic season.

“I stressed to the players how crucial it was to win the group weeks ago, before the break. In addition to winning every game, we want to avoid being in second place in the group.” He said during the pre-game press conference.

“Our objective is to finish first altogether in the team. Our goal is to prevail in every game. You must succeed in every match to win the Europa League.”

Due to the World Cup’s mid-season scheduling in Qatar, the calendar has become crowded. Still, Ten Hag is sure that his team can handle the demands of a demanding fixture schedule.

“The issue is shared by all clubs that compete in Europe. We have two players on our team to cover the games in every position. Both injuries and suspensions will occur. You have to handle it as a team.”

Ten Hag on supporting Ronaldo

When asked what is your thought of Rio Ferdinand’s statement that Ronaldo might feel disrespected by his current position in your team?, Ten Hag said the following.

“I want to be as helpful as I can to him. For various places on the field, we have expectations for him that are specific. But the fact is that I want to bring out his best.”

“He is obviously getting in better shape now, and I am pleased with that because it means he can help the team out more. He will, I have no doubt.”

“It has been demonstrated once more that no one can miss a preseason because you are [playing catch-up]: At first, it was unquestionably the case.”

Ten Hag on Martial injury

When asked about Martial’s most recent injury, Ten Hag said. “I’ve spoken to him several times about that. He finds it disappointing.”

“I believe he performed admirably for the quality of every minute he was on the field, including Sunday. He performed well. We played well in the first half, thanks mainly to Antony.”

“He provided a fantastic assist for the opening goal and was also excellent in the pushing. However, he fell out, disappointing for both him and the squad.”

“Naturally [it’s frustrating], I want every player to be accessible, and occasionally I get frustrated when people aren’t because I know we need them.”

“Particularly with all the games starting right now. But I know you must manage the situation when our guys are unavailable. The available players are what I’m [focusing on] right now.”

Ronaldo will fight the ban from FA for improper conduct

Cristiano Ronaldo plans to challenge the FA’s decision to suspend him for inappropriate behavior following the incident at Goodison Park on April 9.

After Manchester United lost 1-0 to relegation-threatened Everton toward the end of the previous season, the phone was smashed to the ground after Ronaldo punched an Everton supporter in hand carrying it on camera.

“It’s never easy to deal with emotions in difficult circumstances like the one we are facing, nevertheless, we always have to be courteous, patient, and set the example for all the youngsters who adore the beautiful game,” the Portugal captain wrote in a social media apology to the affected child.

After apologizing for his “outburst,” Ronaldo extended the supporter an invitation to watch United at Old Trafford. The Football Association issued an accusation of inappropriate conduct against him.

United manager Erik ten Hag responded when asked about the incident involving one of his players: “From last year? He won’t accept it even after we discuss it.”

The Daily Mail has since reported that Ronaldo “would not accept” any suspension the FA imposes. He has accepted the charge.

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