Evra flirts rumours about Cristiano Ronaldo retiring!

Cristiano Ronaldo has been facing a horrid season, with rumours circling that it could be his last. He is left without a club as Saudi Arabia seems as the only viable option currently. Close friend and former teammate Patrice Evra has suggested that the Portuguese veteran might consider retirement.

Ronaldo Retiring?

Evra has told Sky Sports: “When I talk to him I don’t speak about what he is doing next, we are talking more about life and family. I don’t know. I don’t know if Ronaldo will retire. Sometimes when you have got all of those critics, and especially at the end of your career, you are like ‘ok, I think it is time to stop’. Especially when you are not in the starting XI with your national team, because Cristiano wanted to play and to be fit.” 

“To win the World Cup with his country was his dream. Now he doesn’t have that dream. I won’t talk for Cristiano but I won’t be surprised if he says ‘I’ll retire’, because now everything Cristiano Ronaldo does – he’s a bad person, he’s a bad player whatever. I wouldn’t be surprised if he decides to retire.”

Ronaldo is keeping his fitness levels high as he continues to train at Real Madrid’s fitness centre. 

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