‘It is no longer a surprise’ – Atletico Madrid CEO condemns Real Madrid for influencing Referees!

Atletico Madrid CEO Gil Marin slammed La Liga referees, suggesting they favour Real Madrid after his team lost to Los Blancos in the Copa del Rey. Dani Ceballos escaped a second yellow for a late challenge in the second half. Real Madrid came back to beat their rivals 3-1.

Madrid Derby:

Marin went in on the referees who took charge of the game. “I have the utmost respect for the refereeing collective and I am convinced that their intention is always the best, but anyone who observes it from the outside can see that for decades it has almost always been the same,” Marin said. “Unfortunately, it is no longer a surprise to anyone, it is not news. It is something very obvious and you only have to remember history.”

“Madrid is a club with a very strong environment, with a lot of interests around it. They create so much pressure that it is normal that it affects the people who have to make decisions. They are aware of what awaits them if they are harmed by a mistake or even a success. It is common to campaign against those who they consider to be prejudicial to them.”

Atletico Madrid players also appealed against some of the refereeing decisions as they were convinced Ceballos deserved a second yellow card.

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