‘It’s not a criticism’ – Wayne Rooney stands by his word amid Cristiano Ronaldo’s ‘rat’ comments

Cristiano Ronaldo’s bombshell interview has taken the footballing world by storm. He’s touched on a number of different topics including friendships with star players like Wayne Rooney. Rooney has responded to Ronaldo’s claims by calling it ‘strange’.

Rooney x Ronaldo:

Ronaldo referred to Rooney as a ‘rat’ and was convinced that the English International was jealous of Ronaldo’s physique and longevity. The Portugal international stated: “Well, not only him, imagine the rest of the rats that criticise me too.” 

After receiving the Player Career Award at the 2022 Globe Soccer Awards in Dubai, Rooney addressed Ronaldo’s comments and the interview more broadly. He labelled it ‘strange’ and hoped that the club would deal with the matter accordingly. 

“Cristiano Ronaldo’s a fantastic player and, as I’ve said before, he and Messi are the two best players probably to play the game,” Rooney told CNN. “And, again, it’s not a criticism. What I’ve said is age comes to all of us, and Cristiano is obviously feeling now that he’s finally had to deal with that.”

“Obviously, he’s done an interview, and it’s gone global, and it’s strange, some of the comments are strange. But I’m sure Manchester United will deal with it once they’ve seen the full interview, and they will take whatever action they need to take.”

Rooney wasn’t the only person associated with United to be targeted by Ronaldo’s petulant tirade. The 37-year-old was dismissive of former coach Ralph Ragnick and claimed that current boss Erik Ten Hag doesn’t respect him.

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