Jack Grealish admits apologizing to Miguel Almiron after that comments

In an interview with The Telegraph, Jack Grealish said he apologised to Miguel Almiron for his remarks about the Newcastle United attacker last season.

On the final day of the previous campaign, Manchester City overcame a two-goal deficit to win the Premier League championship.

Ilkay Gundogan was replaced by Bernardo Silva, who was playing poorly, by Pep Guardiola. The substitute German midfielder scored twice.

Grealish stated Silva had played like Almiron and had to be removed for Gundogan during the championship celebrations.


Jack Grealish on his Almiron comments

The England international responded, “Do you know what? let me address it.”

“I was drunk a bit. We were out celebrating. I then recall that it had just been released while I was in Ibiza.”

“One thing I regret is that. That was one of the things I meant to mention earlier when I stated, Sometimes I do stupid stuff.”

“Almiron recently said to me in an interview and sent his best wishes to me. The way he responded had me genuinely buzzing, I swear.”

“What a guy, man,” I thought, “because if that had been me and someone had said that about me, I probably would have reacted the other way.”

Grealish claimed he made an effort to apologise via a former teammate.

“Because of our friendship from Villa, I messaged Matt Targett and asked him to send an apology on my behalf because he knew exactly what he had meant.”

“When I think back on that, that was the only thing I said that was foolish. I ought not to have said that. I assumed it was just a private film and was unaware it was intended to be shared.”

“Even so, since he is a fellow professional, I should have refrained from saying it. I’m excited for him because I’ve had a lot of flak from the Newcastle supporters, for a good reason.”

“Ultimately, they are supporting their player, which I understand entirely. Fair play; he appears like the most decent, innocent man.”

“I’ll treat him with the utmost respect when we play since he went above and above when he probably didn’t have to. As long as the Newcastle supporters stop messaging me, I sincerely hope he keeps scoring.”

Almiron has had a tremendous season since the criticism. In 15 Premier League games, the Paraguayan attacker has eight goals and one assist.

On the other hand, Grealish still needs help securing a regular position in Guardiola’s starting lineup. However, despite only scoring once this season, his performances have improved noticeably.

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