Jack Grealish labels £100 million price tag debate as ‘annoying’!

Jack Grealish is once again the centre of a social media storm due to fans criticising his heavy price tag. He has admitted that the constant debate regarding his £100 million price tag has become “annoying” as too much is expected of him. 

Grealish on his Price Tag:

Grealish has failed to provide the numbers that a £100 million signing often would but continues to create chances and make space for his players as he has always done in his career.

Grealish has told BT Sport of operating under the brightest of spotlights: “Do you know what? I’m not really bothered about the price tag, at the end of the day, that was my release clause, that’s what Villa thought I was worth. Man City paid that for me, I’ve noticed in the past six months, especially, it’s constantly [a talking point], if I was worth £20m, I think I could play games, not have a good game and people wouldn’t say a thing. But because it’s £100m, everyone talks about it, that side of it it’s a bit annoying.”

Grealish went on to point out that he has never been a prolific goal scorer, saying of those lumping unreasonable expectations on his shoulders: “I think in the future, it’s something to look back on, being the first British £100m player but I need to start upping my game, performing and scoring goals, getting assists. But it’s weird, people talk about me scoring goals, there’s no better feeling in football but what’s crazy is, I’ve never actually been – you know you have them types of wingers that constantly score – I’ve never actually been a type of winger that scores.”

Grealish has scored just 1 goal this season but continues to make an impact with and without the ball as Pep Guardiola has put further faith in him this season.

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