Jurgen Klopp admits Liverpool rebuild is difficult but insists summer transfers are needed

When discussing a rebuild at Anfield, Jürgen Klopp has acknowledged that Liverpool needs to make transfers in the summer.


Klopp on Liverpool rebuild

Although he acknowledged that the club’s transfer policy makes it more “tricky,” Jurgen Klopp said that establishing a new team was why he signed a new contract last year.

“Certainly, transfers are required; what is the alternative situation? There wasn’t much change in our plans,” he added.

“That isn’t much. Current events have an impact on all of us. Naturally, we are not so stupid. We’re supposed to stay the same because today is terrible. This is obvious and always has been.”

“This team has a fantastic past. This club is run conservatively, with an eye towards whether or not it will succeed. Our transfers must always be precise.”

“Because of this, it becomes challenging for us to make four moves before we know who will leave the club. I mentioned it a few times last year and didn’t know how many more times I could: I knew it would be challenging.”

“And one of the primary reasons I signed a new contract was to prevent those unaware of everything from having to discuss it and then hearing, ‘he quits next year’ instead.”

“And not because I’m that good; consider what might happen if another coach had been involved. Bringing Klopp back would have been the unanimous response.”

“That’s good that we don’t have. It’s okay if some of them want me gone. Although I can understand that as well, that is not the issue. The club and the stability are the only factors.”

Klopp reflects on Liverpool’s loss against Real Madrid

Before what he calls an “uncomfortable” journey to play Crystal Palace, Juergen Klopp has considered Liverpool’s humiliating 5-2 loss to Real Madrid.

“There was no time to view the game with the players, so we watched it back. The same is true with training; there is little time to use it,” he informed the reporters.

“I don’t read much, but listening when you lose like this makes no sense. Giving up five in a home Champions League game is unacceptable.”

“It’s like you can accomplish a lot from Wednesday to Saturday. It makes no sense to read or listen to people’s words when you lose a game like that. The first half was intense.”

“We gave up the targets because many things are back but need stability. The second half had the worst start for us. I observed that many things had returned but were still not stable.”

“Although the night wasn’t beneficial, we must make the best of it. For the next two days as well as today, we will prepare. We should pick up the proper lessons.”

Klopp hits back at Carragher over criticism of Van Dijk

After Jamie Carragher recently criticised Virgil Van Dijk’s performances, Jürgen Klopp has responded to his criticism.

Following Liverpool’s opening-week 5-2 loss to Real Madrid at Anfield, Carragher criticised Van Dijk: “Virgil van Dijk claimed I wouldn’t get in that back four approximately two months ago. The centre-back was fragile in a defence that did themselves no favours against the defending European champions. I’d take his place right now!”

Later, Klopp defended his player. “Everyone believes that Van Dijk is a robot because he participated in every World Cup game and played the most games last year despite being injured.”

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