Jurgen Klopp: I have no intention of resigning until someone tells me to

Jürgen Klopp, the manager of Liverpool, has been addressing the media ahead of their FA Cup third-round replay matchup with Wolves. The top quotes are listed below.


Klopp says he has no plans to leave Liverpool

Jurgen Klopp, the manager of Liverpool, has stated he will stay with the team unless forced to leave and has hinted at summertime changes at Anfield.

The Reds, who sit ninth in the Premier League and 10 points off a top-four spot, have been playing poorly recently, coinciding with the German’s remarks.

“The manager’s role could change, or a lot of other things could,” according to Klopp.

“Therefore, unless someone tells me otherwise, I won’t go. So perhaps there comes a time when we must adjust other things,” he continued.

“That is something we shall see, but it will take place in the future. Like summer or any other time. Not now. I have time and room to consider it. Now, we need to play better football.”

Klopp: I can’t see any more signings in January

In the January transfer window, Jurgen Klopp acknowledged that he “can’t see” Liverpool adding more players.

Klopp said that it was doubtful the team would add anyone else:

“You keep asking these questions. Thus, there must be a linguistic barrier. We also search beyond the organisation for players; this does not mean we are stubbornly planning to stick with the guys [current players] until 2050.”

“Everything depends on what you can do, and these types of things, what you want to accomplish as well, but what’s far more essential is what you can do and always the same each year.”

“Because you [the Liverpool press] are told to ask this question [about transfers] at every press conference, the transfer window should be a little monotonous for you.”

Klopp insists Liverpool has to become difficult to beat again

Jurgen Klopp, the manager of Liverpool, acknowledges that his underwhelming team will need to revert to their fundamentals to address their current issues.

He said, “The problems we had in that game were evident. In the end, these are football problems, and you fix them with football, and it shouldn’t be too tough to play better football than we did against Brighton.”

“We must move closer together. When we are defending, the field appears to be too big. To move forward, you must first go back to the fundamentals.”

“We must carry out some tasks slightly differently and others the same. All football success begins with strong defence, so we must continue doing that.”

“We require new legs. At Brighton, you put us in this predicament; let’s see how you can pull us out of it,” Klopp said. “The simple thing for me to do right now is to tell the players. But I can’t because that implies I am abdicating my duties.”

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