Jurgen Klopp speaks about Liverpool’s problems, reflects on his legacy & Salah form

Jurgen Klopp wants Liverpool to bounce back when they face Brighton this weekend, as their recent loss against Roberto De Zerbi’s side was his “worst game”.

Ahead of the game, Klopp spoke in a press conference. Here is what he said.


Klopp explains why Salah is suffering this season

Jurgen Klopp has admitted that the alterations made to the team’s forward line this season have unnerved Mo Salah.

Klopp responded, “Oh sure, of course, he is hurting. The front three were well-drilled machines, and everything we did was clear.”

“It’s a specialised offensive move that takes a lot of effort and knowledge—knowledge that isn’t always obvious—to execute.”

“You construct an impression of many of these things, including your teammate’s location and the best places to pass the ball without looking.”

“Although that is not cool, we cannot just expect to play at our peak, win 5-0, and go on to the next game. Working hard is required. We must do it even when no one wants to hear it.”

Gakpo’s addition has given Liverpool’s assault a new element, albeit one still developing. Still, Klopp blamed the Dutchman’s early troubles on the absence of rhythm in his entire forward line.

The manager referred to Cody as a “very valuable asset” who could play the centre position and the flank.

“When Darwin plays there, he goes in behind and is higher up. Even when Sadio played at the position he was about to drop, we had never previously used a nine.”

Jurgen Klopp reflects on his legacy at Liverpool

Insisting that his tenure at Anfield will be remembered as a heyday in the 2040s, Jurgen Klopp claimed that Liverpool’s difficult season had not suddenly made him a horrible manager.

“I didn’t turn into a poor manager overnight,” he claimed. “I was never as good as they undoubtedly thought I was or as horrible as they might have thought.”

“But consider if you were here today speaking to a different Liverpool coach and I said, “See you later, holiday,” since last seasons we won all four trophies.”

“Imagine seeing a different visage explaining and telling you how it is; no one would pay attention. They would claim that while the previous season was fantastic, this one is not, so leave.”

“Therefore, it would help if you had broad shoulders and genuinely accepted these situations.”

“Legacy? So, after ten or twenty years, look back and say, ‘Wow, that was wonderful.’ Final words here and there. A joy. Who is interested in that now? I don’t give a damn.”

“I don’t even remember what it was like to win the Champions League. Do we desire victory once more? No doubt. Do you think we’ll defeat [Real] Madrid? Possibly not, But we do fairly well in this competition.”


Jurgen Klopp pinpoints Liverpool’s problems & insists attitude is not the issue

Jurgen Klopp, the manager of Liverpool, says that his underperforming team’s mindset is not the problem.

“It’s not like they deliberately performed poorly,” he remarked, “so if attitude were the issue, it would be fairly simple.”

“It never took place. Because of this, I cannot say, “I told them everything; they can’t do it. There is no issue with attitude. It is an awareness of the obligation.”

“A player might, for instance, examine his running statistics after the game and claim that he ran the same. However, the act of initially defending is input.”

“The Brighton game helped bring this information to the attention of 100,000,000% of everyone. The low point was when I was told, OK, that is not acceptable.”

“Returning there requires a lot of effort. When considering the starting lineup, I must start with the fact that I correctly witnessed concrete steps. If it had been simple, anyone could have completed it.”

“I don’t think being cup holders gives us a significant competitive edge. We begin from scratch,” he continued.

“We know how awesome the event is if you make it to the final, so if you want, that’s helpful.”

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