Kevin De Bruyne admits the upcoming World Cup could be his last

The World Cup is taking place in a month, maybe Kevin De Bruyne’s last, and he wants his children to see him perform on the largest stage possible.


Kevin De Bruyne: Qatar World Cup could be my last

The 31-year-old played for Belgium when they placed third in Russia World Cup four years ago and advanced to the quarterfinals in Brazil in 2014. However, he knows this may be his final opportunity to play for his country.

To attend Belgium’s Group F matches against Canada, Morocco, and Croatia, De Bruyne’s family will fly to Qatar.

“My family is coming over for the group stages,” he declared. “I am 31 years old and am still determining what will occur in another four. My children can attend the World Cup for the first time this year.”

“That’s the reason they’re coming. I don’t want them to miss it because it will be a special occasion. They are ages 6, 4, and 2.” 

“The daughter doesn’t watch football as the two oldest do, but she can walk outside and enjoy the sun and the pool. I’m thrilled. It will be the third, and each one is unique.” 

“Since so many people are watching, these events are fantastic. Although it is large, there is no need to worry about it. Since this will be my third visit, I know what to expect, but I cannot speak for anyone else attending for the first time.”

“It is unclear” (the timing). It serves no purpose to think about it or to worry about it. You strive to play as well as you can while accepting things. We are not discussing it with our teammates. The calendar is overly packed. The two road games we had were right after one another.”

Guardiola: De Bruyne and I have done everything except sleep together

Kevin de Bruyne and Pep Guardiola have an excellent understanding of one another after working together for seven seasons.

The Belgian midfielder knows what his coach wants, and the coach knows what the player can bring to the team.

Guardiola said in his post-game press conference, “We have done everything together—except sleep together—in our seven seasons together.”

“Nothing will alter my impression of him and what he’s done for the club or me because we have done everything, and I know him fairly well.”

De Bruyne was back on form, according to manager Pep Guardiola, who pushed his star to step up his performance earlier in the week.

“His best is if he is free to move into the pocket, lateral, to the right, or the box – he is free and good. Kevin needs to move around rather than be still and silent.” 

“He is back. He can score and make assists while blind. However, we require this level of participation in the game. And that was the situation against Leicester.”

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