Klopp denies he always struggle in the eighth season

Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp says that a seven-year glitch is not to blame for his team’s struggles this season.

This weekend marks the anniversary of the German’s appointment as successor to Brendan Rodgers in 2015.

He failed to make it to Mainz and Borussia Dortmund season eight. His final season at Dortmund was particularly difficult because the team was in the relegation zone at Christmas before coming back to finish seventh.

After a rocky start to the current campaign—four draws and one loss in their first seven games—comparisons with his record in Germany began to surface in some circles.

What has been said?

Klopp insisted vehemently that there was no connection between his employment and that he did not experience weariness.

“The environment in the clubs was distinct.” He remarked that there were no plans for seven years.

“When I managed Mainz, we were promoted to the Bundesliga after three years and then demoted to the 2.Bundesliga after another three years.”

“We gave it one more year, but the club needed a change as players went for the Bundesliga, necessitating a new beginning.”

“I had tonnes of energy, I went right to Dortmund, and everything went smoothly. For seven years, it was simply the case that other clubs frequently purchased players.”

“Making two steps backwards was a regular part of the work. I stated we had to stop there because it was so intense and exhausting, yet I didn’t have any energy issues.”

I have no energy issues, which is a very different situation. I can see why people might believe it makes sense that I left after seven years (before) and that we are now in a terrible case. Still, if you stop to think about it, you realise the reality is quite different.”

“Yes, it’s a challenging period. Did I anticipate that after matchday seven, we’d be ninth? No, since I don’t give these things any thought. But now that we have the foundation, let’s move forward.”


Klopp on Sajah-Haaland comparison

In addition to their struggles on defence this year, Liverpool has not yet experienced its finest form from the dependable Mohamed Salah. Who has won the Golden Boot in three of his five seasons at the club.

Haaland’s exploits have brought that into glaring focus, but Klopp claimed the comparisons were unfair.

The Reds manager remarked, “nobody in the world can cope with the Haaland problem at the moment; it’s ridiculous what he’s doing.”

“He’s a fantastic player on an exceptional team, and those two things go together very nicely. So I don’t believe we should compare anyone right now to those two things,”

“You can express your opinions regarding Mo and his season thus far. No, like for every one of us. However, even when Salah’s goal-scoring figures are not outrageous, consider how frequently he is involved.”

“He has always wanted to score goals, without a doubt, desperately. Call him in 20 years, and it will undoubtedly be the same.”

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