Klopp speaks about the Leeds game, Liverpool’s critics, and the tendency to concede the first goal

Jurgen Klopp spoke in a press conference on Monday afternoon ahead of their clash against Napoli.


Klopp tells Liverpool’s critics to judge them at the end of the season

According to Jurgen Klopp, it will be fair to determine whether Liverpool is in decline by the end of the current campaign and whether he and his players have seen the last of their generation.

The decision on this, according to Klopp, “should come later in the season, or possibly towards the conclusion.”

“If you declare ‘that’s it’s for this team of players or this manager, I don’t think that’s 100% fair in this instance to criticize the team or the squad because we never had them accessible.”

“We lack players, especially up front, and it is not beneficial that we miss top quality.” 

“It’s okay, even though it’s unfair. Asking these inquiries is reasonable because it is natural and part of our daily lives. However, we must address that later.”

As he continued, Klopp acknowledged the depth of Liverpool’s issues and said, “Now we can admit it – it was never a quick repair and now it looks not a quick cure. That has been established, but we won’t give up.” 

“We must make sure we take steps to get there since the boys, myself, and we all have higher expectations of one another.”

Klopp discusses Liverpool’s tendency to concede the first goal in games this season

Jurgen Klopp responded in response to inquiries about his team’s propensity to give up the opening goal in games this season.

When Rodrigo put Leeds 1-0 up at Anfield on Saturday night, that was the tenth time the FA Cup champions have conceded first this season. The German tactician has attempted to explain the worrying statistic.

The German tactician responded, “I understand that you ask the question frequently, but all the aims were entirely different.”

“The most recent objective we gave up now couldn’t be more dissimilar from all the others. We were not in a slump when Leeds played all over, through, under, and around us. The goal was established for them by us. Therefore, you cannot compare them.”

“However, it is undoubtedly alarming. However, it’s not [that] we go into every game thinking, “Make sure we don’t concede the first goal.” 

“That’s obvious in football, to begin with. Thus, it is a clear issue. It’s not true that if you talk about something, it will happen, or if you don’t talk about it, it won’t happen.”

“We had other games where it didn’t happen, and we all know how helpful that is. Although I know the question will soon be asked, I cannot change my response.”

Klopp admits Leeds second goal still haunts him at night

Jurgen Klopp, the manager of Liverpool, acknowledges that Crysencio Summerville’s goal keeps him up at night.

Last Saturday at Anfield, a spectacular late goal from the youngster allowed Leeds to win all three points.

The Yorkshire club’s first Premier League victory since August enabled them to escape the danger zone.

“I still have nightmares about that second goal. My gosh,” he exclaimed. “I’m 55 and I use the restroom a few times a night, which is why I typically wake up, but this time the goal was in my thoughts,” stated Klopp.

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