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Lionel Messi speaks about injury rumors, World Cup preparation, and fans’ support

Before Argentina’s World Cup opener against Saudi Arabia, Lionel Messi spoke with reporters on Monday. What he said was as follows.


Lionel Messi on his injury rumors

“Nothing unusual or strange occurred.” When asked about injury rumors, Messi said, “I feel great, and I’m doing great.”

“I arrive here in excellent physical and mental playing condition. I have no problems at all. It’s only preventive measures, despite what I had read about having to miss some of the training.”

Messi on preparing for the World Cup

Messi said, “The season is halfway, and I feel good. We will pick up speed as we play a few more games, as I recently have been doing. Until the World Cup, I had recently been attempting to do that.”

“I took care of myself; I didn’t change anything. I have worked the same way I have my entire professional life.”

“We are prepared, we feel well, and playing in a World Cup is always a fantastic experience. The vibe was one of a fresh start before a new game. Every time, it’s extraordinary.”


Messi on fans’ support and enjoying his football

Messi said when asked about fans’ support, “I am incredibly appreciative of the affection I have had during my career. I have experienced it so keenly everywhere I have gone. Yes, it’s lovely that we have such a large following and that so many people want us to succeed.”

Messi then spoke about enjoying his football.

“I’m not sure if this is the pinnacle of my professional life, but I feel great. More mature, constantly striving to provide my best, and taking everything in stride, I’m trying once more to take it all in. I am now genuinely relishing it much more.”

“Perhaps I didn’t consider that before; I just wanted to play, but now I’m attempting to take pleasure in it.”

“You can’t have fun when you play every three days. We now need to indulge a little more. Before, all that did was play and consider the next match.”


Messi hints 2022 will be his last World Cup

After the 2022 World Cup, Lionel Messi, the captain of Argentina, may retire from international competition.

“This will be my final World Cup. I feel excellent. I came in fantastic physical and personal shape.”

“I’ve taken care of myself throughout my career and have one more chance to realize this tremendous ambition in what is undoubtedly my last World Cup.”

“Whatever it is, “you always have to try, not hold back, and contemplate what may have been.”

Messi competes in his sixth World Cup as Argentina faces Saudi Arabia in their Group C opener.

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