Liverpool owners FSG would consider new shareholders amid frequent interest in the club

Fenway Sports Group, the club’s owners, has stated that they would think about selling to new shareholders due to “regular interest” in the club.

No Liverpool supporter expected to hear the news that David Ornstein of The Athletic broke today. The Reds’ owners, Fenway Sports Group, allegedly agreed to put the team up for sale, according to the highly trustworthy journalist.

According to reports, FSG has hired American investment firms Goldman Sachs and Morgan Stanley to help with the forthcoming process.

The Athletic obtained a statement from Fenway Sports Group, which did not dispute that they were considering selling the team, adding credence to the allegation. Instead, they claimed they would think about selling “given the proper terms and conditions.”

FSG Official Statement

FSG released a statement in reaction to the news. It stated that they would consider selling if it were in the “best interests” of the Premier League team.

FSG stated: “There have been several recent changes of ownership and rumors of changes in ownership at EPL clubs. We are regularly asked about Fenway Sports Group’s request in Liverpool.”

However, FSG did not confirm the club was up for sale or specify how many shares they would be willing to sell.

“Third parties were looking to become shareholders in Liverpool have repeatedly expressed interest in FSG.”

“As previously stated, if it were in the best interests of Liverpool as a club, we would consider new shareholders under the proper terms and conditions.”

Liverpool’s supporters’ Union’s official statement

Spirit of Shankly, the supporters’ association for Liverpool, expressed the hope that any discussions with potential new club owners will also involve fans.

A statement stated, “We have seen rumors today that FSG has put Liverpool FC up for sale.”

Spirit of Shankly wrote to LFC to ask for clarification and will hold off on commenting until they receive a response.

“To ensure that fans are at the forefront of any sales and potential buyers’ initial ideas, we anticipate that both the Supporters Board and SOS will be involved in some aspect of the process. We’ll keep you informed.”

What could be the reason behind FSG selling Liverpool?

Fenway Sports Group’s ownership of Liverpool Football Club has long caused division among the English side’s fanbase.

While recent years have seen on-field success, fans have pointed out a lack of investment in the playing roster, and their proposed participation in a European Super League found little favor.

The Fenway Sports Group knows Newcastle United’s added competition and the astounding sum Chelsea sold for ($4.25 billion).

Its owners purchased Newcastle for the same sum of money ($300 million) that FSG paid for Liverpool.

If FSG were to accept offers, they could quickly sell for ten times that sum, if not more, given the Premier League continues to be very lucrative for investors and super-high net-worth individuals.

If those investors are from abroad, the current state of the pound makes that offer even more alluring.

Arsenal has been excluded from the Champions League for five years, and Liverpool’s owners are aware of the losses Arsenal would have incurred during that time.

They have been very cautious about investing more money, so that they won’t want it for their own company. They are likely considering selling now or, at the very least, exploring their alternatives for the club.

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