Neymar reveals disagreement with PSG sporting director Luis Campos

After Paris Saint-3-1 Germain’s loss to Monaco on Saturday, Neymar confirmed allegations of an altercation in the dressing room.

However, he emphasised that the “small conversation” is “part of the process of getting better.”

Neymar also compared his relationship to “with his girlfriend” with PSG’s sporting director.


What are various reports saying?

Following Saturday’s loss to Monaco, Neymar is the subject of further controversy when it was said that he argued with his Paris Saint-Germain teammates and had a heated exchange with PSG director Luis Campos.

Neymar was furious with Vitinha and Hugo Ekitike, according to a report in L’Equipe, and is said to have shouted his anger at the pair.

Another report in Get Football News France claimed that when the players returned to the dressing room, Campos slammed the players for failing to show aggression.

The remark, however, incensed Neymar and Marquinhos, who engaged in a verbal altercation with Campos.

Neymar confirms the clash with Luis Campos

In a press conference, the Brazilian remarked, “It happened, there was a small discussion, and we didn’t agree.”

“We experience it daily, but I adore them all, just like I do with my girlfriend. Football is more than just friendship or love. There is respect, yet conversations do occasionally occur.”

“Since we are not used to losing, any setbacks naturally bother us. The improvement process is a necessary step.”

“Sometimes what is published in the news and circulated worldwide is false for the locker room. At crucial times throughout the season, rumours tend to surface.”

“It’s not usual for news to appear in the press; it must be a private matter between us. Therefore we must investigate what is happening.”

“We must travel together. We become incensed when such news is reported. I can assure you that while some material is accurate, much of it is not.”

Neymar reveals his mindset ahead of Bayern Clash

Neymar told reporters, “I have a lot of self-confidence. Since moving to Europe, I have always been successful. I am aware of my skills and attributes.”

“We’re all ready for this game. We have a fantastic team that will play an awesome game. I enjoy competing in these major games against powerhouse squads.”

“When this happens, top-tier players must show up. To create a wonderful game, we are working hard.”

Neymar was also questioned about the challenging week PSG had last week. Neymar continued, “I have no explanation. It occurs to all clubs during trying times.”

“We must work as a cohesive, dedicated team. It’s wonderful that these challenges are emerging at this time. We know there are problems, but we aim to fix them and present PSG in its finest light.”

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