Pep Guardiola: Haaland will stay one step ahead of City’s rivals

According to Pep Guardiola, who has warned his rival managers, Erling Haaland will keep one step ahead of the rest of the league and find a solution to any troubles they seek to cause for the freely scoring striker.

Haaland only needed the first half of Manchester City’s 5-0 victory against Copenhagen in the Champions League to score a brace and extend his scoring streak to 19 goals in 12 games after combining yet another hat-trick with two assists in Sunday’s Manchester derby.

As the season progresses, Guardiola fully anticipates that opponents will adjust to Haaland’s exceptional skills, especially considering the importance of analysis in today’s game.


What has been said?

When asked if City’s competitors would pick up how to play against Haaland, Guardiola responded, “In my early days as a football player, it didn’t happen because we didn’t have the correct angles, drawings, and all the views we have now.”

“Of course, it will, but that is not the point. He will find the answer to that problem, and we will find the answer together. That much is certain.”

“There will be instances where he fails to score and others where he performs poorly. That is assured. Maybe two or three consecutive games. People may ask, “What has happened since?” Calm. We’ll try again in the next game.”

In part because of the influence of his father Alf-Inge, Guardiola thinks that Haaland is prepared to handle the additional scrutiny and attention that his talents bring, even though his incredible scoring pace makes him a phenomenon.

“He is at ease with the demands and expectations placed on him because he is such a regular person. I believe he can manage it.”

“He may have grown up around football because his father, who enjoys watching football, talked to him about it.”

“I’m sure the father’s instruction to the son was sound. Ultimately, everything comes down to Erling’s personal life and experiences.”

“Still, all fathers want the best for their sons, and I’m pretty confident he’s given it to him. He is required to make his own decisions.”

“We discuss his objectives and incomparable figures every day. But what stands out is what a beautiful guy he is, which makes our lives so much better.”

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