‘The fans have come together’ – Jurgen Klopp commends fans for eradicating homophobic chants at Anfield!

Liverpool and Chelsea face off in a thrilling contest as both teams try to recover their best form. Jurgen Klopp has thanked the reds for eradicating homophobic chants at Anfield as the serial rivalry continues against the Blues.

Klopp on Anfield Chants:

In his programme notes ahead of Chelsea’s latest visit, Klopp writes: “With Chelsea being our opponents, it makes sense that I also show gratitude to our supporters for the work they have done in stopping a chant which does not fit in with the traits of our city, our club or our people.” 

“I will not refer to it by name in this column because I think the less we can hear about it and see it the better but the really, really positive thing is that fans have come together to try to make it a thing of the past.”

“We can already feel the effects of this. Positive steps have been made and hopefully, this will allow our supporters from the LGBT+ community to feel as welcome as they should. This was the message I received when I spoke with Paul Amann from Kop Outs a couple of years ago. He just wanted the chant to stop so that our all our fans could feel more welcome.” 

“I did not think it was too much of an ask then and I do not think it is too much of an ask now so it is good to see the support Kop Outs are receiving. Hopefully, this will carry on not only today but also in the future.”

Liverpool need a win to kickstart their top 4 hopes, and today’s game is the best to do it in.

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