Barcelona Keen On Adding a Striker in January


Losing Munir El Hadadi, who moves in a permanent transfer Sevilla recently, Barcelona are now hunting for a replacement.

That plan was revealed by Barca’s head coach, Ernesto Valverdo during a news conference with the media.

Speaking to the press, Valverde stated that with Munir’s departure and Rafinha’s injury, they are now rather short in numbers, that’s why a new signing is needed.

“Yes I would like an extra striker, there is space now Munir has left. We are a little short in terms of numbers, especially with the injury to Rafinha and now the transfer window is opem we can rectify that,” the tactician explained.

Experience Key for Barca’s Target

Although he didn’t mention any specific name, the tactician did reveal that Barca is preferring for an experienced player who already know the league.

Moreover, Valverde added that getting someone with experience also means that the new striker can also play right away without needing too much adaptation time.

However, the former Athletic Bilbao tactician also said that his side won’t be going over the top in acquiring that new player and will consider the financial aspect.

Valverde added that if they couldn’t get anyone that match their terms, Barca will just take someone from their B team instead.