Juventus Admitting Interest On Ramsey


Arsenal’s midfielder, Aaron Ramsey, is set to leave the London club at the end of season as his contract ends and there’s plenty of teams keen on his service including Juventus.

The Italian giant’s interest on the Wales international player was confirmed by Bianconeri’s director, Fabio Paratici, who admitted that they like him a lot.

Moreover, Paratici added that Juve are not the only team interested in signing Ramsey so there’s nothing concrete as just yet apart from the club’s affection.

“Ramsey? He’s a great player, we really like him and he plays for a great team,” Paratici said. “His contract is expiring and we’re always alerted to situations that the market offers, so we’ve also been alerted to Ramsey.”

The Turin giant has been known to take free transfer market opportunity very well in recent years, which most of the time lead into successful deal for them.

It won’t be a surprise if they eventually ends up signing Ramsey since they’ve been searching for new midfield players for next summer.

Despite having a very successful team, Juve are keen on adding players to improve their squad so they can fresh things out and rejuvenate their squad in timely fashion.

It won’t be easy for the Bianconeri though to acquire Ramsey since there’s many teams reportedly interested in getting including Paris Saint-Germain, AC Milan, Inter Milan, Liverpool and others.