Juventus’ Cristiano Ronaldo Cherishing VAR Usage


The usage of VAR in football have been triggering controversies ever since it was first introduced, but recently support for its usage is growing.

One of the recent supporters for that technology is Juventus super star, Cristiano Ronaldo, who claims that he really likes using Video Replay in football.

Ronaldo believes that VAR despite its controversies is a very useful technology that can help the referees in their job, that’s why he is in full support of its usage.

“I Like VAR, because these are difficult decisions for a referee and we should welcome anything that makes his job easier,” the Portuguese international revealed.

The Portuguese did made that comment soon after Juve won their end of year Serie A games against Sampdoria which saw VAR getting involved in it.

Nevertheless, this recent strong support did trigger UEFA to start implementing it for European Competition such as Champions League or Europa League starting in the knock out stage early next year.

VAR themselves remain an interesting and helpful solution indeed just like what CR7 stated, but still causing controversies here and there.

Controversies normally arrived since the final decision remain on the referees hand, so in the end it can still be a subjective call at times.