Xavi speaks about fixing Barcelona mistakes, the job at risk, and the summer transfer business

When Barcelona plays Villarreal in La Liga on Thursday night at Spotify Camp Nou, they have much to prove.

The Catalans have lost their previous two games, including the most recent one against Real Madrid. It has put Xavi Hernandez and his team under tremendous pressure, which they will be eager to release with a victory over the Yellow Submarine.

In a press conference on the eve of the game, manager Xavi Hernandez discussed various issues with the media.


Xavi explains how he is intent on fixing Barcelona mistakes

After losing to Real Madrid and almost being eliminated from the Champions League in five days, Barcelona is in a bit of trouble.

They now trail Los Blancos by three points, but maybe more importantly, they must consider if they can contend with more substantial opposition.

Marca questioned Xavi about whether their defeat to Real Madrid resulted from a mental issue.

“I don’t believe it to be a mental problem. They were there [in their box] with us. We had the chance to tie it up at 2-2 by tying the score. Also, 1-1 at the time of the intermission.”

“Madrid is a fantastic squad. It is the current League and Europe champion. It’s not a mental disorder, in my opinion. The team maintained composure throughout.”

It was also brought up to him that Barcelona appeared weak on the break and that he had attributed that to mistakes in both games against Inter and Real Madrid when they had allowed a combined six goals.

“They are errors of the whole team, tactical things that we can adjust. We have to be more aggressive. To position ourselves better after losing the ball. Make more tactical fouls. There are many situations where we can improve.”


Xavi admits Barcelona job is at risk if he doesn’t win titles

If he doesn’t lead Barcelona to championships, Xavi’s career as a manager is in jeopardy. He has acknowledged this.

Although there have occasionally been encouraging indicators, since Xavi took over as Ronald Koeman last November, things haven’t gone as well as Xavi had intended.

He acknowledged to the reporters, “Yes, that does not change. I repeat it. To win championships is the team’s and these players’ goal. We must achieve victories.”

“I think we have a team built to win championships,” he said. “Even if there has been a lot of criticism this week, I still have all the enthusiasm in the world. Everybody is supporting me.”

“If I don’t make it, there will be consequences, but I’m calm. I think we have the squad to win titles. Another coach will come in to try if we don’t win them.”

Xavi on summer transfer business and Bosquets’ contract situation

When asked about the summer transfer window, Xavi said. “We have very effectively strengthened ourselves. Our squad is excellent, but we have noted some significant casualties.”

“Despite drawing with Inter and losing at the Bernabéu, the objective is to win championships; we must not falter or shift the subject.”

“Yes, Busquets’ contract is up soon. But October is still here. He’ll make a choice. As the season went on, I did. Despite having a renewal offer, I chose to quit.”

“Busi’s replacement is unclear, and Pjani and Nico wanted to depart. Now, though, we have choices like using Frenkie, Kessie, or even a defender. Busquets remains a crucial player for us.”


Xavi on Barcelona’s playing style being questioned

When asked about Barcelona’s playing style is being questioned, Xavi said. “We experimented with the notion. Against Inter and Madrid, we succeeded.”

“We tried to take the lead, attack, score more goals than our competitors, and place our defensive line well. As a team we made an effort to work toward the desired outcomes. We are extremely clear on the concept, and I can tell that my guys are at ease with it.”

Regarding failing to take enough long-range shots: “There are opponents who defend well. Madrid was pretty cramped and didn’t provide us with much room. We had chances to improve the score, but Madrid plays excellent defense.”

“The goal came from an outside play by Ansu, but we weren’t as comfortable as usual. There is always an opponent that makes things difficult for you. It cost us, and we didn’t attack as normal.”

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